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   I dust our hives with powdered sugar.  Its fast, it's easy,  it's a way to see your mite load and knock down mites at the same time.  After I dust each hive, I wait 20 minutes and dump the tray into a pail of water, take a picture, put it on the computer and count mites.  The rest are left to fall down through the screen onto the ground where ants take them away. 

   I was wondering how the mite count compares to a Powdered Sugar Shake.  Last August, 2016 I found I had no mites.  But neighbor beekeepers and friends, Dawn and Stu were waiting for the temperature to come down to use one of those Thymol products.  I asked if I could do my comparisons on their hives and they said yes.  Here's the film.

  Our first film on using powdered sugar.  Complete with sound.

EAS 2017 Powerpoint Below

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