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Varroa Chart

Bees Removing Powered Sugar From Hive
Bees removing Powdered Sugar. You can also see one just coming out of the shadows.


My Varroa Chart
Randy Oliver asked me to chart  on Excel,  my varroa counts and times that we dusted with powdered sugar.  I was able to put them together just prior to our meeting and Randy's program.  During the program, Randy was explaining at what times of the year the varroa counts are accurate, which is only during brood rearing....as the brood emerges, the mites fall out and then you have accurate counts with the highest counts at the end of summer.  During the fall into winter, most mites are phoretic and hanging onto the bees.  You need an "amplified' sticky, which is a complete sugar dusting (See Randy's 8 Second Dusting Here) and then count mites to get accurate counts.  I looked at my graft and you can clearly see, our counts from spring to autumn rising dramatically and then really low counts through winter (I didn't count our powdered sugar results, only 24 hour natural falls) and then rising again.  The counts from our first year compared to our second year shows that repeated powdered sugar dustings really did knock back mites.
   Chart below.

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