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Observation Boards are too small and slide out of the slot.

   This just came to light a few days ago when Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies told us that a few complaints came in with the same problem.  Early this year, we had about 200  boards that were put together by a friend who was trying to help us catch up.  I was under the impression she understood how the boards should fit.  She didn't?t get it and I didn't?t check after the first day as we went on a 3 week trip.  The wood parts of the boards themselves are custom made and the boards are normally custom fitted.  We take an plastic observation board from one of 3 piles of sizes.  This is usually my job, and between everything going on, I was getting overwhelmed so I welcomed help. 

   Apparently this is going to be a huge problem for us and we will make it right for everyone who was inconvenienced.  We really do stand behind our product and we realize you pay a lot of money for a reason, you want the best.  We are absolutely confident that once the correct sized boards are installed, you will be very happy with your purchase. 
    Please contact me immediately at rubes@countryrubes.com  and let me know, how many boards and if they are plain white or are gridded and your mailing address.  We will make it right immediately.

Sticky Plastic Observation boards, I mean really sticky, like they are getting stuck in the groves. 
    Flex the plastic board.  You can't break it.  They are cut to fit snug and there is a center brace that is slightly below that grove.  By flexing the plastic board and inserting it with the bowed side up, you will easily clear the center board and the foot at the opposite end.
    7/27/09  I was doing the final assembly on our boards, putting our new Gridded Observation "Stickies" in them and it occurred to me to try the movie feature of our camera.  This technique works with either Plastic 'Sticky'. 
  See Video Below !
Tip:  Apply your sticky (oil, Vaseline, Pam) to one side only.  If you flip it over, the oily side acts like a dust magnet and the dirt sticks and doesn't just wipe off like oil or powdered sugar.  You need to use soap and water and a little elbow grease and it cleans up beautifully.

The smoke hole cover won't stay in place.
That's the screw, it's has loosened in it's hole.  Unscrew the piece , break a piece of  toothpick and insert in the hole.  Then screw back on.  It should work great.

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