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Last fall, when we did one of the powdered sugar treatments, there was a dearth and bees went into full robbing mode.  The powdered sugar that dropped onto the sticky board was too much temptation for them and they found they could enter but couldn't leave.  When I checked the boards the next day, several of our hives had way too many bees trapped on the boards.  It took us a while to figure out how they were getting in.  Our sub-boards are made out of a soft plastic that's easy to bend.  In fact, we have been encouraging our customers to bend the boards to make it easier to slide in.  Apparently, the boards are being twisted enough so the finger hole rises above the legs, which normally prevents the bees from entering.   So, what to do?

  My incredible husband came up with a really simple and easy-to-do solution.  First clean your boards well with soapy water.   When we removed our boards, the bottom sides were black with oil and dirt. I never really cleaned the underside before, but now it became necessary.   Mike didn't want me to scrape  off the grim and deeply scratch the boards, so we applied liquid dish detergent and a little elbow grease and off it came.  I think I might have gone back and used a Teflon scrubby which would have made the job a little easier.  Dry your board well.   There can not be a trace of grease or water.

Dirty Boards


Cut a 6" piece of grey duct tape, ours is the fabric reinforced type.  Slide 2" of the tape under the bottom of the board, covering the finger hole. You can see the sticky side of the tape.  Fold the remaining tape at 3" over the hole on top leaving a 1" tab and covering the hole on the top side.   Rub the tape together at the hole for added strength. Repeat for the other hole.  Now you have a pull tab and the hole is sealed so the bees can't enter.    Its harder to clean, and I'm sure it will not last forever.  We are trying to come up with a more permanent method, but for now, this works and keeps the bees from finding a way in.

6" of Duct Tape
Slide 2" under board and finger hole.
Fold tape over in half and press down over hole.

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