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Khalil Hamdan, Author

How Do Bees Make Honey 

Hiving and Care of Packaged Bees

Bee Colony Activities Throughout The Year

How to Maximize Honey Production   

Natural Supersedure of Queens in Honey Bee Colonies

Swarm Prevention by the Demaree Method

Equalization of Bee Colonies Strength

Dividing Bee Colonies for Making Nuclei

Judging the Quality of the Queen Bee

Raising Honey Bee Queens

How to Raise a Queen Bee by the Hopkins Method

Egg Laying Worker Bees

Robber Bees

The Phenomenon of Bee Bearding

Nosema Article

American Foul Brood - AFB

Powdered Sugar Dusting in Bee Colonies as Varroa Control

Acarine Disease (Tracheal Mites)

Preventing Beeswax Combs from Wax Moth Damage

Bumblebees - What should we know about them?

Honey Crystallization

    It started with an email note from a Mr. K. Hamdan from the Netherlands, asking permission to use some of our photos from our website for an article he was writing on using powdered sugar for varroa control for beekeepers in the Middle East.  I was intrigued and asked for a copy when he was done and wondered if I could put it on our website. 
   Turns out, my new friend, Khalil has written a whole series of articles, complete with incredible photographs,  from basic beekeeping to raising queens. 
These beautifully written articles are also transcribed in Arabic, soon to be published  in Jordan to help  people across the Middle East learn to become beekeepers so they can generate income and improve their lives .  Pretty exciting stuff.  

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