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EAS 2017 University of Delaware


Congratulations Winners of our Country Rubes Raffle with prizes donated by Shastina Millworks at EAS 2017, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.

1st Place Valerie Facchive of Maryland

Country Rubes Combo Deep Screeend Bottom Board,

Robbing Screen

Shastina Copper Top Garden Lid

10 Frame Deep Super


2nd Place  James Henderson of Maryland

Country Rubes Combo Deep Screened Bottom Board

Shastina 8 Frame Super

Shastina MDO Weatherproofed Lid


3rd Place Sam Golston of West Virgina

Shastina Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket

Hive Tool

​MESSING WITH POWDERED SUGAR: Mid-Summer Dusting Results

The blackberry flowers in our area, Grass Valley, California. all seemed to turn to berries on the same day, June 26. June 25th, it seemed we had lots of flowers, June 26, the flow was over. And suddenly my husband noticed “my” bees swarming “his” hummingbird feeders. Didn't matter we have a commercial apiary less than a [...]

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